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Generate a Sell-Out Crowd for Your Event.

Andy Robertson

Draw people in to your event with a specific popular artist or focus on something that has a popular following even if it is niche. If it’s an annual event you probably already have a winning format that you know will draw a crowd.

There is no single activity that is going to generate ticket sales for your event. It is most likely going to be the combination of activities working together that will produce the desired effect. This is a well-established methodology used in all marketing campaigns. Assuming your artists, dates and venues are arranged now it’s time to generate sales.

Obtain the profiles, photos and background information on artists or event content and ensure everything is up to date. Create some marketing campaigns using compelling creative copy, images and offers then decide how to utilise these on different media. Consider a staggered campaign that increases in intensity as the event date approaches.

Social media is a straightforward channel and it’s easy to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for example at the same time with announcements of the event dates and artist line up with links to profiles, pictures and music channels.

Build key partnerships with all parties involved with the event and get them to share your posts and create as many links as possible. The artist will have their own website and social media account as will venues, make sure you are getting maximum exposure. Consider some press release in appropriate media and offer exclusive interviews or complimentary tickets to selected journalists to try and get exposure.

If it’s an annual event are you are running multiple events always check your own customer database (CRM), you can select people who previously attended and send email invitations. Make sure you make them feel special by offering early bird ticket deals with specific cut off dates, if they don’t buy keep reminding them and throw another exclusive offer at them.

Always monitor sales and compare results to the previous year, are you ahead or behind your forecast? If sales are not performing well then review your activity, look at possible external factors and get a better understanding of what’s happening. Does the date of your event clash with the World Cup Final for example? With a greater understanding you are the better placed to take the appropriate action, possibly increasing marketing spend and activity.

If you need to quickly boost online traffic and sales consider a war chest fund to carry out some campaigns closer to the event date. Invest in some Google or Facebook Ads, they are easy to execute and you can monitor traffic and results in real time to focus on the most successful channel.

All being well you will exceed your expected sales and get a sell-out crowd but you then need to make sure your logistics are working to deliver the event you have sold. Using FestivalPro helps take care of all your event logistics making you safe in the knowledge that nothing has been left to chance. Speak to the guys at FestivalPro and find out how you can make your event efficient and flow smoothly, even better it costs nothing to find out more with their no obligation demo.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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