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Captain's Log

Sun 17 May 2020

- Improved the way inbound emails to the project manager are attached to the latest account which has booked a ticket.
- Added the ability to make a file uploaded via a form from an Artist/Vendor public so that anyone can view. This is useful for public webpages with artist bios and images.
- Paginated the invoices screen so no more than 20 are shown at a time. Speeds up screens with a large amount of invoices.
- Updated Stripe payments to include Authorise and Capture. This allows for tickets of limited quantity that have sold out before the customer pays to be rejected.
- Security update for viewing passwords for certain system accounts.
- Added an information pop up box on login with the latest useful information
- Security changes on Frame options and CRLF plus cookie restrictions, allows embedding of certain festival pro public pages via frames.
- Added a new permission Event::Change Access Settings
- Logging the creator of an event
- Adding a date modified field for each task in the project manager. All tasks can now be ordered by date updated.
- Added a quick link to a customers account on both the project overview page and the individual task page.
- Updated all PDF conversion programs to use https (this was internal only)
- Added iCAL export for calendars.
- Hide Volunteer shift settings on general records
- Added an easy ability to link your stripe account to Festival Pro with one click
- Added the ability to log refunds against tickets that happen outside of Festival Pro
- Ability to refund a single ticket without having to edit the customers booking.
- Setting to add non refundable items, such as charity booking. This will prevent accidental refunds.
- Added image for artists on the PDF image view of their private profile whether you have an artist image or not.
- Added a new setting to automatically switch ticket tiers when a tier sells out. Turned on by default.
- Added tiers for deposit tickets, uses the same deposit cost. Ticket price increases.
- On customer overview screen, the form/ticket tab now shows the value of their purchases, status and amount paid against each booking.
- With invoice pagination, the total now shows the total of all pages at the bottom of each individual page.
- Option added to enable/disable refunding the booking fee. Turned off by default.
- If PayPal/Stripe refunds turned off then a warning will be displayed on the popup so that a refund isn't made by mistake on the platform where it doesn't actually refund the payment.
- Refactored stat board code to speed up operation
- Show customer name on the payment page
- Shows a new status of BOOKING TIMEOUT which will show next to a booking that has timed out. (Timeout default is 20 minutes in settings)
- Added the contact name on the search result page when they aren't part of on artist or vendor. Mainly volunteers will have their name shown where the artist name is normally rather than showing no details.
- Added the ability to select multiple timeslots in a booking. Fixed the setting to turn this on/off on the timeslot page.
- Added new document type of ProForma invoice.
- Added a drop down counter to select the number of tickets to refund when refunding an individual ticket only.

Sat 25 Apr 2020

- Adding ability to automatically email customers who have started to buy a ticket but not completed the purchase. System will email them a link to the booking they started to continue the process. Can be enabled per event.
- Added book marking for CSV exports, easily create a CSV export and reuse it without have to reselect all the options.
- Fixed a bug with an admin editing an existing booking and changing checkbox options. Invoice now updated correctly.
- Added the total of booking fees and ticket fees for each booking. Shown in the individual details screen for a booking.
- You can now create form inputs which mirror the selection you had set for an artist. So if you set an artist to have Meals for Saturday Lunch and Dinner, they'll only be able to select those meal times for each artist.
- This works for checkbox, radio, select and counters.
- Fixed a user editing a timeslot booking where there were no more remaining or they had selected the last item in a timeslot.
- Major timeslot updates to allow all bookings to made in the customers timezone, your timezone or allow them to choose. Those 3 options can only be set by Festival Pro staff to avoid anyone changing it by mistake. Most festivals will only be operating in their own timezone.
- Added an easy way to connect Festival Pro to your Stripe account in just two clicks.
- Timezone changes to Festival Pro to make all actions logged in your own timezone rather than the default of GMT/UTC. Systems will remain in UTC until manually changed.
- Greatly simplified the groupings and limit options on forms.
- Ability to mass refund payments on an event. Carried out by Festival Pro staff.
- Paypal refunds now show the refund ID and link to the original transaction ID. This will make viewing transaction audits easier. This is visible on the customers payment screen.
- Changed all mail merge fields to be <?ARTIST NAME?> <?PERFORMANCE FEE?> instead of ::COMPANYFIELDPERFORMANCEFEE:: . We found people would constantly mess up the :: and remove one or put an extra : in places. This is much clearer and concise and clearly visible.
- Updated the color picker across Festival Pro to a newer slicker picker.
- Added in Contact fields into the mail merge menu within text editors.
- Added in Starling Bank into the list of support banks for importing bank statements.
- Ability to search for contact name, surname, email and mobile for contact records in forms. You can find this on the form search screen.
- Hid the Volunteer Shift groups on all pages. This is only needed when adding in volunteers shifts.
- Simplified the screen that shows the form options. Removed the pricing column when there are no pricing columns. Also added more preview options for field types.
- Form stats screens now show the maximum possible bookings allowed for fields that are linked. For example artist names is linked to Artist Passes assigned. The form will show the total number of artist passes assigned to all artists vs the number that have been allocated to artists.
- Change the date paid popup to use the new calendar date select.

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