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Current W.I.P.

Developments continue with Festival Pro to bring you a world-leading platform for managing your event or festival. We get a stack load of great ideas daily and all these go into one big pot where we evaluate which are going to be the most effective. With festivals starting to take place we've added some features to deal with on-site access and running.

Please keep a look at the Captains Log which will show you what we have already done.

Updates are rolled out to some systems as BETA or ALPHA before they're rolled out to the general public.

These items are in development for September 2021

  • Loads of usability enhancements to improve working with Festival Pro
  • Adding NFC ability into the Festival Pro scanner
  • Version 4 of our on-site Festival Pro server to be released
  • Linking data from any form into mail merge
  • Show volunteers/artists for each shift/show without having to click
  • Combining multple reports together
  • Changes to schedule screens to show breakdown by each day with artists and volunteers
  • Import guest lists via forms (in beta)
  • Features to improve rolling festivals over to 2022
  • Contractor and pass updates
  • New contracting module for Pro accounts

If you have any ideas, then please fill in a support ticket and select enhancements.

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