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FestivalPro is an advanced event management system, focusing on festivals, conferences and events. Not just music festivals mind you! Our software can be used by all sorts of events such as Food Festivals, Literary Events, Multi Centered Events, Beer Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions and more.


FestivalPro can manage your event 360 degrees, from applications, selection, scheduling through to contracting, ticketing and scanning on site. Created in 2018, Festival Pro has grown to over 350 events worldwide. We work closely with our festivals and events to improve features, and simplify processes. We'd love your event to be part of the Festival Pro family.

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Join over 400 events worldwide. Who's with us.


"We've been working with the Festival Pro team for a few years now and I've always found them to be extremely responsive patient and helpful. Using Festival Pro has made a big impact on the efficiency of our operation it's hard to imagine the music office without it!"

- Grace, Boomtown Fair

About us

Take two nerds, both as obsessed with music as they are with software

Who we are

FestivalPro came about after an inevitable collision of thoughts – Over the last 10 years we have mostly been doing one of three things – developing CRM software and websites, organising music festivals & playing in a band at festivals.

We have driven through the production gate of over 80 festivals throughout the UK & Europe and we have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly (...and the down right smelly) side of festival production. We've dealt with Artist liaison officers, stewards, event managers, stage managers, sound engineers and even first aid crew a few times too! so we know a thing or two about it.

Why have we built FestivalPro

Whilst developing a website for one major UK festival we were asked to come up with some solutions for managing their artists, vendors and contractors. We built them a basic system and they loved it. It was an instant hit. It saved the festival time and money and they were happy bunnies. They said to us “hey, whatever you do don’t go selling this idea to any other festivals okay!”.

Well, here we are doing just that.


      10 x years of CRM development +

      10 x years of festivals +

      10 x years web development

= FestivalPro

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A few screenshots

The best way to see the system is to view the demo of course! Try the Demo

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