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Trends Hitting the Music Festival Scene in 2021.

Andy Robertson

There is always continuous innovation in society but for music festival-goers in 2021 what are the new crazes hitting the muddy fields? Aside from the great strides in technology being made by festival organisers what other more down to earth innovations are gaining traction among keen festival goers this year.

Younger age groups (under 30) prevalent at most music festivals are often the early adopters of new technology and fashion trends. What is trending this summer and likely to become more popular and commonplace in 2022.

Drinks Vendors. 
Making an appearance this year are pre-mixed cocktails on tap from Liberation Cocktails who have worked with Peppermint to bring on-tap mixes to numerous music festivals in 2021. Liberation Cocktails have managed to maintain the continuity of flavours and drinks are delivered fast which reduces queuing times and improves the customer experience. The on-tap cocktails currently available include Pisco Sour, Strawberry Daiquiri, Espresso Martini, Gin Garden and Pornstar Martini. In a similar style, some bar vendors have also adopted the Bottoms Up Draft Beer system which have been around for a while now.  

Festival-Goer Accessories.
The experience of several days in a damp muddy field makes personal hygiene kits very popular but now environmental sustainability is a key factor in any purchase decision and anything used should be eco-friendly. Festival Trolleys are popular in the United States but are gaining sales among European festival-goers too. Usually made of a collapsible metal frame and fabric sides they are easily transportable and are great for lugging around drinks supplies for example. Also proving popular are tent finder gadgets that let campers find their tent in the dark by remotely activating a light in their tent. Other essentials now common place is the Travel John disposable urinal.

As fashion trends go in cycles it is not unusual to see old styles making a return and 2021 has seen more flared trousers in psychedelic colours last seen in the 70’s. Ladies are choosing very mini dresses with bra tops or vibrant co-ords. This year has also seen more crazy eyewear that would make Elton John feel at home. Fashion trends can be really hard to read for the future and can be fickle so what is in this year may be out next year. For keen festival-goers it's probably better to plan their fashion selection closer to the festival dates to ensure they are on-trend.

Music festival trends are always evolving and innovation can make the whole festival experience more enjoyable through the use of new technology by organisers. Festival-goers are also on the lookout for anything that makes their experience better through use of innovative accessories and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. 

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Image by Paul Istoan from Pixabay

Andy Robertson
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