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Live Event Vendors Adjust to the New Normal.

Andy Robertson

As live events start making a tentative return the services that support event infrastructure is key to putting on a good show. An essential part of any live event are the vendors servicing event goers primarily with food and drinks, however, these vendors are returning to an environment that is completely different prior to the global lockdown earlier this year. 

Along with many services associated with the live events industry the vendors that supply food and beverages have been deeply affected. Many have not survived due to lack of revenue and those that have will be return to a sector that has been transformed. Many vendors have survived by switching to the provision of home delivery food to a population restricted to stay at home orders.

New Protocols.
There are a whole set of new protocols and measure that vendors must now adhere to, these are specified and enforced by a mixture of local authorities, health and safety representatives and the police. Expect strict social distancing measures with clearly marked out zones for queues, provision of hand sanitizer for customers and strict cleaning regimes plus regular disinfecting of the vendor’s facilities, staff will also likely have to wear masks and gloves too.

Pitch Fees and Impact on Revenue.
It is unknown yet what the impact of returning events will have on vendor fees, it is likely though that some venues and event organisers will want to increase pitch prices but this must surely be up for negotiation as the event goer numbers are drastically reduced so vendors revenue will be down too. If venue fees are maintained or increased a vendor will have no choice but to increase the price of food and drink they serve. With many ‘new normal’ events implementing service only to prevent queuing the vendor will have to recruit and train new waiting staff, adding yet further to their operating costs. With the increased costs and potential fall in revenue many vendors might question the viability of bidding for a vendor pitch at any live event operating under the ‘new normal’ restrictions, perhaps they will be better off waiting for things to get back to normal in 2021?

New Technology. 
One welcome aspect of the ‘new normal’ measures for vendors attending live events is the development of food and drink ordering application technology. Popular apps in this sector servicing vendors include FanFood, VenueNext, YinzCam and experience. It’s not clear which app will win out in what is likely to be a newly competitive support service for vendors operating at live events. This technology and delivery service may be a welcome change for many event goers with no more queuing for hours to get a drink and it should also streamline how vendors operate making them more efficient.

Using an events management software solution like FestivalPro can help make the planning and running of live events with vendors more efficient and reduce operating costs. The guys who are responsible for this software have been in the front line of event management for many years and the features are built from that experience and are performance artists themselves. The FestivalPro platform is easy to use and has all the features an event organiser needs to plan and control vendor pitches, bookings along with documentation on ‘new normal' restrictions that vendors need to comply with.  

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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