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Transport Infrastructure and Your Event.

Andy Robertson

The location you select for your event can have a big impact on ease of access by your ticket paying audience. It is vital to always understand the transport infrastructure around your selected venue and should form part of your overall event planning process.

From city centre venues to music festivals in remote locations each present a variety of challenges in making the customer journey to attend as easy and painless as possible. In addition, you should consider the environmental impact of customer transport requirements and options. 

you're running a music performance event in a city centre venue on a weekday consider avoiding commuter rush hour times. In most cities this is going to last until at least 7pm possibly later and this will affect both private and public transport. Try and make your door open times from 7pm and a performance time of 8pm as this will allow sufficient time for your audience to arrive. You can avoid these transportation issues if you move the date to a weekend or public holiday.

Public Transport. 
In a city centre venue consider the availability of public transport (buses, trains and metro/underground systems) and proximity to stations. Also
check running times of your event and the public transport timetables. You don’t want to be in a situation where your event ends after the last train of bus has run. For a remotely located venue provide information on public transport options or consider commissioning a fleet coaches from nearby cities. 

Private Transport and the Alternatives.
Irrespective of the current discussion around the use or private cars many ticket paying customers will always prefer to use their own transport rather than public transport. For a city centre venue publicise the location of public parking but try and encourage them to use public transport. For a remotely located music festival ticket holders may prefer to drive to the venue themselves because they can bring a larger group of friends in one car and the distance to be travelled may preclude them form a sensible use of public transport. Many music festivals will arrange their own transport to and from close by train or bus stations.

travel time estimates, maps and timetable information on your social media channels to assist customers. Ease of access to your event can be a deciding factor in whether a potential customer is going to purchase a ticket or not. Wherever your venue is located make allowances for a variety of transport options that balance convenience, time taken and cost whilst adhering to your event policy on environmental issues.  Finally, never forget to make provisions for disabled access whether the customer is arriving by car or public transport. 

If you are using an event management software solution like FestivalPro you get built in functionality for transport logistics including the facility to purchase transport options along with ticket sales. The guys who are responsible for this software have been in the front line of event management for many years and the features are built from that experience and are performance artists themselves. The FestivalPro platform is flexible and easy to use and contains features that help with planning your customer transport options pulling everything together into a seamless process. 

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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