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Successfull On-Site Event Ticket Scanning and Payments.

Andy Robertson

At almost all live events there will be a combination of walk in customers that decide at the last minute to attend your event plus pre-paid ticket holders. Are you geared up to process large numbers of door ticket sales and scan pre-paid registrations? What technology can you use to ensure rapid and accurate processing to prevent long queues? 

Imagine the old-style box office ticket sales for walk in customers, it would entail queuing for a long time and each customer's payment is then processed and a paper ticket produced. Even pre-paid customers will most likely have queued at the same box office just to scan and confirm their payment details. Event organisers now have access to technology that enables rapid payment processing and scanning of pre-registered customers no matter where the event is taking place from a fixed venue to a music festival in a remote location.

You can now use handheld wireless scanners to scan and data capture pre-sales ticket information instantly and allow access. Your scanner can sync with your ticket sales data and match bar and QR codes that have been pre-issued to customers. Using the latest technology may include installation of a local server that will sync with your handheld scanners. If you are using this technology double check that if a wireless signal is lost that the data on the scanner is not lost too and that the hand-held scanner has the capability of storing information for syncing at a later time.

Using this type of technology may include the added benefit of monitoring real time data. This allows you to quickly ascertain how many ticket holders have accessed the event and how many are yet to turn up. Use the data at a later time to analyse attendance times so you can plan for future events with the knowledge of when the peak times will likely be, you can then staff up appropriately. 

If you use a
payment gateway like Stripe for example you can link on-site to your ticket sales database with fast ticket payment processing without the need to go through a convoluted payment acceptance process, in some instances the payment can be processed with a single click. 

sing wireless scanners and instant payment processing on-site has huge implications for managing crowds at busy events, this will help your compliance with Health and Safety requirements as queuing is reduced and post event analysis will help with crowd control planning for future events. 

If you use an event management software solution like
FestivalPro you get great ticketing functionality built in for managing every aspect of the event ticketing process from taking remote payments to scanning pre-paid ticket holders. The guys who are responsible for this software have been in the front line of event management for many years and the features are built from that experience. The easy to use FestivalPro ticketing functionality links ticket sales customer details to a database that syncs with hand-held on-site scanners making the whole process seamless. FestivalPro have configured their handheld scanners to work with or without Wi-Fi and sync with other scanners and your ticket sales data when a connection is re-established.        

Photo by Maël BALLAND from Pexels

Andy Robertson
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