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Why is Thailand Becoming the New Hub for Music Festivals in Asia.

Andy Robertson

Thailand has been in the news recently after attracting several international music festival brands to the country including Tomorrowland and Summer Sonic. What is the impetus behind this move and what makes the country so attractive as a music festival destination for big, branded festivals now and into the future. 

Thailand has a history of hosting popular music events with numerous full moon parties organised in the southern Islands along with a well-established music festival industry including the popular Wonderfruit that takes place in December every year. Bangkok has several high-capacity venues and arenas that are a frequent stop for international artists on tour as well as hosting a number of EDM festivals too.

New Tax Incentives. 
In March 2024 the Thai government announced tax waivers and import duty exemptions for organisers of large international concerts, sporting events and festivals. They want to boost event related tourism and travel spending in the country to help support the economy that has seen stagnation since the coronavirus pandemic. No specific dates were provided but it was suggested that organisers will require an investment of at least 100 million Thai baht ($2.7 million) and they would then receive an import duty exemption on equipment along with removing regulations that are hindering the event industry. This is a developing story so more details will probably emerge in the near future. 

A big draw for music festival brands to Thailand is the guaranteed weather which is typically a tropical climate providing perfect conditions for outdoor festivals. Organisers should be wary of selecting the best months to avoid monsoon season, the driest months run from November to February. Although festival-goers can expect clear blue skies with plenty of sunshine the temperatures can climb to dangerous levels presenting challenges for appropriate hydration and heat related illnesses. 

Access to Party Essentials.
Relatively low tax and duty on alcohol and tobacco make these incredibly inexpensive when compared to the United States and Europe. The legalisation of cannabis may also seem attractive but festival-goers seeking this as a source of enjoyment should be extremely cautious as there are strict rules and regulations regarding distribution, buying and use of cannabis and the law is currently under review. Laws regarding the possession of any narcotics in Thailand are serious including capital punishment. 

Visitor Logistics. 
The Thai economy has relied heavily on tourism for decades and this means that there is great infrastructure in place with copious numbers of hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs available throughout the country. It's easy to get around with an excellent rail and bus services and large numbers of taxis also available. Costs are still low making any visit very attractive for those coming from countries experiencing high inflation. 

Cultural Attractions and Event Infrastructure. 
Thailand has a thriving music scene that covers just about every genre of music although it does lean heavily to EDM genres. This means that there is plenty of technical expertise in the hospitality and events industry so running festivals and events should be a relatively painless experience. Festival-goers combining an event with tourism will be spoilt for choice when it comes to cultural experiences from traditional Thai food to jungle treks for example. 

Until more details are known about the government announced incentives organisers may wish to delay any commitment until a fully costed exercise can be conducted. However, there are still plenty of other reasons that demonstrate why Thailand is quickly becoming a hub for music festivals in Asia. 

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Image by Harrison Haines via Pexels

Andy Robertson
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