how to create or modify an SPF record

Setting up Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for your domain lets others know that email they are receiving is actually from you. Telling people where email is coming from.

An SPF record can be added to reflect any IP addresses that will be sending email on your domain’s behalf. When an email is sent claiming to be from your domain, the recipient server checks your SPF record to see if the sender is authorised to send on your behalf. If yes, the email receiver recognises the message is from you or a trusted third party and will choose to accept it based on your email reputation. If no, the email recipient can choose to examine the message more, put it into their spam folder or outright reject it.

To initiate SPF for your domain via your DNS hosting provider, follow these general guidelines:

1. Access your account
2. At Domains drop-down menu, select your domain name (click “Show All” if your domain is not displayed)
3. Under the DNS & Zone Files menu, click “Edit DNS Zone File”
4. Click “+ Add Row” to create a new record
5. Set the type to TXT and enter the SPF record below:

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all 

6. Click “Save”.

*Note: Instructions to implement SPF might differ for your specific DNS hosting provider.

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